The Audio Experience

Discover the Depths of the 6 Lines

that make up the 12 Profiles

in Human Design

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, consultant & Service Providers who

want to better understand themselves & their clients

The Line Deep Dive

6 Day Audio Experience

HD WIld Mini-experience

The Complete Experience Available on Demand

Delve into Your Human Design Lines

(the two numbers when combined create your profile)

& Finally Shine a Light On How You Are Designed to Move Through the World, Interact with Others & Your Limiting Belief Patterns.

The 6 lines in human design create the 12 profiles in human design. By better understanding the lines you can better understand yourself and those around you.

The Line Deep Dive Experience

  • 1 Hour Audio of Each Line

  • With insights into the following:

  • Line Examples from the Real World

  • Limiting Belief Patterns by Line

  • The Inner Child Wounds

  • Bonding & Relationship Strategy

  • Attachement Style

  • Line Themes - Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Alignement Strategies

  • Embodiment Exercises

Hannah Carey Coaching

I honestly got more value and insight from Jamie & the ICD workshop than I have in over £500 worth of 1-2-1 specialist marketing support.

Jamie’s HD content is so in-depth and insightful she literally knows her subject inside out.

There is opportunity to ask my-business/my-client/my-chart specific questions as well as learning from other students questions as well.

Applying the lens of HD to business, not just “ideal client” with the nuance and depth of support and information Jamie gives in all her work really allowed me to come away with specific language, phrasing and approaches to try that support my type, my profile and my clients.

I recommend working with Jamie or attending a course of hers more highly! Can’t wait to read her book….. next level business support.

this is what you can expect to

learn (and dive into!) in the Experience:

  • Learn what the themes, strengths, weaknesses, & compass of each line

  • Find congruence & alignment to the lines in your profile

  • Go from knowing to embodying with integration exercises & experiments

  • Understand the inner child wounds & trauma patterns of the six lines in HD

  • Delve into the attachement & bonding styles of the six lines in HD

  • Finally understand how to get back to the nature of who you are before the world told you who you should be through the lens of the lines in human design.

Finally go from knowing to Integration & embodiment

"I was never mind-blown as I am with Jamie's course."

I was searching for so long for a way that is aligned for me to do business as the traditional ways never felt good for me. BDHD was more of a lighthouse than just any other business course. I was lost in the sea of my mind, drowning in millions of ideas and directions to take until I was able to see the guiding light in this course with Jamie. I am finally gaining clarity for the direction I want to take in building, running, and sustaining my business. Jamie is a great teacher and I am a so-ready student. Thank you, Jamie, for everything.

Danah Alkhashan

Get Back to the Nature of Who You Are

this is what you can expect to Receive

during the Audio Experience

  • 6 Hour Line Audio Experience (1 Hour Each Line)

  • 6 - Integration Experiments For Line Alignment

  • The Line Deep Dive eBook

  • Access to a Post Experience Q & A Session

  • BONUS: Line Questions for Congruence

  • BONUS: Line Case Study Breakdown


Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I join this class & why is it only $37?

Many people often come to me with questions about their type and authority while those questions and willl support them on their journey they are often not aligned to their profile. Often as a result of a childhood experience which keeps them in the low expression of themselves.

Profile is often talked about at a surface level in the HD World and this will give people a deep dive experience into the depths of the 6 lines that make up the 12 different profiles.

I have priced this program very accessibly intentionally because I know how powerful this program is and I don't want anything holding you back from joining this experience.

What if I have questions after the Audio Experience?

I will be hosting a follow up Q & A session two weeks after the Audio Experience in order for you to ask questions.

What will I learn that I can’t find on free sites and YouTube?

You could absolutely scour the internet for free content on the lines and profiles in human design, in fact, I even have a lot of content for you to deep dive into. However this Line Deep Dive Experience is the first time I sharing publicly (outside of the HD WIld Program) this level of depth with the line

After studying hundreds of charts and supporting hundreds of clients, I have discovered patterns and themes with each of the lines including the attachment style of each, the trauma patterns & inner child wounds, the keys of alignment and more.

You WILL NOT find the content that I teach in this experience anywhere else on the internet. It is only taught inside of my HD Wild Certification program and I have never offered it in this format before.

How much do I need to know about human design to take this workshop?

You do not need to have a depth of knowledge on Human Design in order to take the Line Experience. It is recommend that you have your chart and understand your type and profile.

You can grab your chart at my website here. This will provide you with some baseline information on your profile so that you can have some information before we get started.

How does The Audio Experience Work

The Complete Experience Available on Demand, I drop one audio a day over the course of six days. Each day a different line, integration experience, and line questions will be uploaded into the learning platform along on the private podcast feed for the experience. We will also have a facebook group where people can connect and share their experience and takeaways.

you're invited to come attend the

The Line Deep Dive Experience

What's INCLUDED in the Experience

6 Hour Line Deep Dive

6 Line Integration Experiements


BONUS: Line Questions for Congruence

BONUS: Line Case Study Breakdown

Enroll Now for $47

The Line Deep Dive Audio Experience is being Accessibly Priced intentionally.

I know the power of this work and the impact it has (& the ripple effect).

Today’s Price = $37

Prudence. Jamie is amazing! I totally recommend it if you are in this situation too, it will guide you and help you gain clarity!.

"I was surprised with how much expertise, knowledge and experiences Jamie is sharing with us in this course on HD AND business! It helped me understand deeper how I can use my strengths and who I am to really create the business that I want, the different phases of a business, what is important to create the business I want and much more!

Jamie is amazing! I totally recommend it if you are in this situation too, it will guide you and help you gain clarity! Thank you so much Jamie for who you are and all this amazing and detailed content that you bring to us in this course”

Discover Your Ideal Client By Design

Not sure if this Experience is for you?

The Line Experience Guarantee

Attend The Line Deep Dive Audio Experience and if it doesn’t exceed your expectations, help you better get to know yourself, or give you a clarity on who you are, congruence to your profile and support you in better alignment just email us at [email protected] and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.

Milda Zolubaite

“I'm over the moon I found Jamie and her Human design approach to business, it has literary been life-changing!"

I'm over the moon I found Jamie and her Human design approach to business, it has literary been life-changing! I kept constantly burning out and wondering what the heck I am doing with my business. It feels like the first time over my 7 years in business that I feel aligned, confident in what I'm doing and what exactly what is going to take me towards my goals. I learnt to stay in my own lane and keep focused. If you also feel lost in your business thinking "There must be a better way", you're so in luck you found Jaime and this course! - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions